Reliability. Durability. Consistency.


Reliability. Durability. Consistency.

What is your challenge? BesteBit has full line of both steel and matrix body PDC bits for your surface, vertical and lateral drilling applications.

With the uniquely engineered Shuriken Reamer, BesteBit offers a durable and ultra-efficient tool to minimize NPT while delivering an unobstructed wellbore.

From enlarging your wellbore to drilling through frac plugs, BesteBit has a

suite of specialty drill bits and tools to meet the challenge.

Helping You Find the BesteBit.

Providing reliable, quality tools and service at a competitive price.

We are no strangers to your drilling challenges; we've been right there beside you for years. BesteBit is well into our second decade of providing highly engineered solutions for your onshore and offshore drilling challenges.


Reliably performing for customers across the globe, we offer personalized and local solutions for your needs.

Durable, efficient tool life for reduced drilling costs and NPT.

Consistent, repeatable performance.


High Performance Drill Bits

Innovative Shuriken Reamer

Specialty Drill Bits for Applications

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